llayers ésotérique bracelet pierres rondes apatite bleu lithothérapie


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Bracelet with round 8mm Apatite crystals stones.

Color tones of blue/green/turquoise.

Mounted on an elastic thread.

Choose size S (perfect for small wrists around 15 cm) or M (perfect for wrists around 16/17 cm). For a larger size, please send me a message.

Has soothing and relaxing benefits. Calms and channels people who are easily overwhelmed by their emotions and stress / gives self-confidence.
Helps to let go, acts with the throat chakra.
For people who work in a profession requiring creativity, gives inspiration and new ideas.
Also provides security and assurance, develops self-confidence.

Comes with use and maintenance guide.

All stones and properties page link here.

Our crystals are everyday tools but should not replace medical recommendations.

Each item is handmade so the color, texture or tone of the jewelry may vary slightly from the images.

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