Minimalist jewelry made in Brookyn NEW YORK

Minimalist jewelry made in Brookyn NEW YORK

llayers™ is a sustainable unisex, minimalist & contemporary jewelry. Handcrafted in Brooklyn New York.

Minimalist jewelry. Inspired by art, sculpture and architecture, the designer offers jewelry with pure lines, timeless to compose, allowing it to be worn in a multitude of ways.
Jewelry for everyday wear as well as evening wear.
Jewelry is made to order, limiting overproduction.
The upcycling line allows existing objects to be recycled and transformed, giving them a second life.

Everything is handmade by the designer.
We offer a reasonable price for quality items with careful finishing. Each item is handmade, so each item is unique.



llayers™ uses recycled sterling silver or 925 silver. This is the silver most often used in jewelry, sterling silver being too soft.


llayers™ use brass that is preferably recycled and lead-free.

llayers jewelry cuff solstice brass bracelet rond minimal lunaire laiton made in france


It's a thick, solid layer of gold deposited around the metal base by a process combining pressure and heat.

Gold-filled is more resistant than gold-plated, and 5% of the jewel's weight must be gold.
It is much more resistant over time and is the best finish after pure gold.
This also makes it much more expensive than gold-plating.

llayers™ use gold-filled on primers that go directly on the ear, all necklace primers as well as chains.


Vermeil is silver (925 silver or sterling silver) plated with gold, covered with a minimum layer of 5 microns of gold.
The layer of gold is therefore often thicker than gold-plated.
It is more expensive than gold-plated because the plating is thicker and the base of the jewel is a silver jewel.

llayers™ uses vermeil on its fine rings and certain elements of necklaces and bracelets.



Gold plating is a base (often brass, bronze or copper) coated with a layer of gold.
To obtain a gold-plated designation, French regulations require
a minimum thickness of 3 microns on the jewelry and it must be hallmarked with a square punch.
Gold plating is more resistant than fine gold plating because the layer of gold applied is much thicker.
It can, however, tarnish and chip over time and therefore has a shorter lifespan than
gold-filled or solid gold jewelry.

llayers™ uses gold plating on
bronze or brass, on its larger ring models and some pendant/necklace and earring elements.


Fine gold-plated brass is a brass base onto which a layer of pure gold is deposited, with a thickness of between 0.01 and 1 micron.
It's a very thin layer, and is the most fragile gilding there is.

llayers™ almost never uses gilding, but has a few fine gold-plated upcycling elements placed so as to rub minimally with the other