Coquille d'ormeau abalone naturelle rituels sauge palo santo
Coquille d'ormeau abalone naturelle encens purification ésotérique
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Abalone Shell or Natural Abalone

Widely used for purification rites and by Native Americans for its magical virtues, the 4 elements represented in the purification process: the shell comes from water, the match which ignites is fire, the herbs and ashes are the earth and finally smoke the air element.

The shell has excellent heat resistance, with several natural holes ideally placed to ventilate the smoke produced by fumigating sage, Palo santo or burning incense. Magnificent iridescent reflections.

When fumigating with charcoal and grain incense, put sand in the bottom of the shell to protect it and not burn yourself if you move it.

Each shell is unique in its color and shape, and has more or less regular contours.

Can be used to place and store your fumigation sticks, decorative items, natural soap holders.

Measures approximately 9 x 11 cm
Buy the shell alone or the Moonlight  kit with 4 Palo santo sticks.

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