Bâtonnets de bois à brûler - palo santo rituels
Kit de bâtonnets purification palo santo méditation sticks
llayers Kit de batons de palo santo sticks


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Called sacred wood, in Native American tradition, shamans and healers use this wood as an incense in their ceremonies and fumigation rituals, because when consumed, Palo Santo produces a smoke which is reputed to cleanse and purify the atmosphere against evil. spirits, energies and negative forces and thus attract good omen.
Palo Santo brings peace and harmony to the mind, promotes concentration. Perfect before a yoga, meditation, or relaxation session.

Harvested from naturally fallen trees.

Set of 4 sticks. Each stick is approximately 10cm long.

- Light the end of the stick
- Let it burn for a few seconds then blow on the flame to extinguish it
- Let the stick burn gently in the abalone shell, or in a container that resists fire and heat where the ashes will settle

Purify your crystals and natural stone jewelry
- Hold your jewelry or crystals over the Palo Santo smoke and let it envelope them for a few minutes. Ventilate your house when you burn Palo Santo to evacuate the smoke loaded with negativity.

Purify your home
- Light the end of the stick.
- Let it burn for a few seconds then blow on the flame to extinguish it. Move around the space and corners of each room you are cleansing, clockwise making smoke circles with the stick / announce your intentions during the cleansing ritual.
Once you have cleaned your space, place the Palo santo stick in a fireproof container and allow the embers to go out.
Never leave anything burning unattended.

As each stick is unique, its shape, texture or tone may vary slightly from the images.

Buy the bundle alone or the Moonlight bundle with the Abalone shell.

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